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5 reasons your child should learn Martial Arts

Posted: December 18, 2017

5 reasons your child should learn Martial Arts


Martial arts isn’t all about kicking and punching. Violent TV shows and movies might be responsible for some of the bad rap that the sport gets; in reality, martial arts will help your child much more than it will hurt.

Whether your kid is bursting with energy or shy in most social situations, martial arts can go a long way toward developing qualities and habits in your young ones that can last a lifetime.


It’s no secret that obesity is a problem for our youth. The problem most parents come across is finding an activity-beyond video games or television-that their children are excited about. Martial arts can provide the outlet your child will look forward to. Signing up for three or four classes a week can develop lifelong habits that’ll keep him or her fit and healthy-just ask Chuck Norris.


Children today are used to instant gratification, and teaching self-restraint is often a challenge for parents. No matter which martial art you choose, one of the central tenets will be a focus on self-discipline, which is important for developing a strong work ethic and the skills needed to avoid physical confrontations.

Hand-Eye Coordination

All that kicking, punching, and blocking won’t just burn up a lot of energy-it will also help to develop your child’s coordination. Balance, agility, and focus are all requirements of a martial arts student-and the benefits will transfer to other areas of your child’s life.

Self Confidence

Many martial arts classes invite all age groups, sometimes even adults. If your child is shy or timid around older children, martial arts classes can instill confidence that will benefit him or her well into their adult lives. They will learn how to respect themselves and their peers, and that the size and shape of the person isn’t as important as what’s on the inside.


In order to excel in life, children need to be taught how to set and achieve goals. These are skills that can be used in school and later as an adult.  Students have both long term and short-term goals in the martial arts. There are multiple belts and stripes with new skills to learn at each level to allow children and adults to see accomplishment each month. And, of course, the goal is to get to black belt which is a long-term goal that our students strive for each day.

If you are interested in how to get started in the martial arts today, give us a call at 662-349-8868.  We start at ages 3 years old and teach all ages, even adults.