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6 Reasons Why Women Should Train Jiu Jitsu

Posted: September 21, 2016



  1. Jiujitsu is great for women's SELF-DEFENSE.  Jiu jitsu is designed for weaker or smaller opponents to defend yourself against larger ones using technique instead of strength. Being as a woman in the United States is assaulted or beaten every 9 seconds and has a 20% chance of being raped in her lifetime, it just makes sense that    jiu jitsu is a recommended form of self defense for any woman (who tend to be usually smaller and weaker than the person most likely to assault them).

WIth that said, jiu jitsu has so much more to offer than just self defense. You’ll get in great shape, develop lifelong friendships, and have tons of fun – and that’s only to start!  If you know a female or are one who’s been thinking about getting on the mats, there are plenty of reasons to begin that don't involve just doing it for self-defense.


 2. You don’t need to be big and strong to be good at Jiujitsu.  Yes, there are many women who are stronger, heavier, or taller than some men, but most of us are not. Many of my non-BJJ friends think I’m lying when I tell them that I, a girl who is 5’2” on a tall day, can tap out (submit) people who are literally twice my size, but jiu-jitsu                 is all about technique overcoming strength. You don’t need to be a body builder or a 200 pound male to dominate your opponent. That is the beauty of this sport, using proper  technique can overcome brute strength.


 3.  It teaches you to love your body for what it is able to do rather than for what it looks like.  Both males and females deal with the frustration of not having the “perfect” body, but it is pretty clear that females are more likely to have eating disorders  than males are in their lifetime.  Blame it on our society, but it’s clear that lots of women live their lives focusing on her waist size or how her body doesn’t look like that body.  Jiu jitsu shows all the awesome things your body can do, no matter your size.   As a great bonus, the additional exercise will get you closer to the hot body you want, but when you make it there, you’ll be just as, if not more excited in your abilities than your appearance.


 4. The sisterhood is an unbreakable bond.  The people you train with in jiu jitsu will probably become your 2nd family. It’s hard not to become close with someone when jiujitsu is such a close contact sport and  you are placing your safety in each other’s hands.  Because there are not many women in jiu-jitsu, the closeness that forms between training partners is even stronger than most friendships that start in the gym. It’s rare to find women who are into what is a male dominated sport, and the struggle of being female in a the male dominated jiujitsu world tends to bring women together. And not just at your own training facility, you will find an instant connection with female BJJ practitioners from other gyms and even competitors in tournaments.


  5. It breaks ideas about what women “should” or “shouldn’t” do.  It frustrates me every time I hear someone restrict something to a specific gender.  It is crazy that in the 21st century, women all across the world are still being told either by the law or by society that  they can’t or shouldn’t do certain activities that are traditionally “masculine.”  On the mats, everyone is equal; there is no gender.   Luckily, most of the men I’ve been lucky enough to meet in jiu-jitsu are fine with  women training. Some of the newer guys might be awckward about rolling with women, but those who have been around for a while will generally be fair about treating you just as they would treat a man your size.


 6. It is great to be a positive role models for young ladies.  Throughout childhood, a little girl will encounter all kinds of females that she will potentially look up to.  When you’re a female who does jiu-jitsu, you’re giving her a role model who practices healthy habits, is disciplined, and can handle herself.  Jiu jitsu comes with many benefits, you pass on a lot of those benefits to young ladies just by them seeing you in the sport. You can give that young girl a head start on loving herself and making friends who really care about her safety.  Who knows? You might even convince her to get an early start on training!


While all of these are also great reasons for men to train BJJ as well, I know first-hand how intimidating it can be as a girl to take your first jiu-jitsu class surrounded by a bunch of tough guys.  If you are facing the same situation, don't choose not to do it because of fear. Jiu-jitsu has made me a better person since I started, and also  it’s made me more capable of taking care of myself and given me more confidence to know that I can take care of myself, with or without a man around.


Whether your motivation is self defense or something different, it will be an amazing journey along the way.


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