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KIDS Get in shape, be healthy safe and happy.

Posted: June 01, 2017

I wanted to share this video in case some of you moms and dads haven't seen it.    As a parent we all want our kids to live their dreams and always  be safe.   With all the negative things we see on the news,  parents often wonder how they are going to raise positive kids in such a negative world.


Martial Arts is something I was fortunate to have started as a child.  My parents enrolled me early and I am thankful they did.   I was is better shape than most of my friends and was able to handle myself in stressful situations.   I am now dedicated to helping kids get a head start though martial arts training.  I want to see them get in shape, be healthy safe and happy.    I would like to invite all kids K - 5th grade to take a Beginners Martial Arts workshop at our school.  For more information call TNT @ 662-349-8868 or visit us on the web at and ask about our FREE COMMUNITY WORKSHOPS.